**** Tutored by a current headline comic ****

**** Major comedy bookers attend our showcases ****


Our audience at our Oct 2012 showcase

Great new career!

Established circuit comics make on average £600 & £1200 per week - Many make millions!

Remember they were brand new comics once!

Want to join them!

No previous performance experience required!

          COURSE OUTLINE :

No of  WEEKS:  5   

Tues Eves 7pm - 10pm

or 2 day weekend courses


The course will cover the writing and performance skills which will allow the student to produce an original five minute stand up routine, to be performed to an invited audience of family, friends and comedy club bookers. 

 Microphone technique 

Four stand up comedy writing and material gathering styles

Theoretical knowledge of all comedic performance styles and practical application of two contrasting styles

 20/30 minutes of raw self generated comedy material to be honed to a tight five minute performance set 

Each Student will be given ample stage time each week and constructive  group feedback

 Each student will be able to demonstrate practical knowledge of  ‘SET UP  PUNCH’ as used by  professional comedians

  A theoretical knowledge of stand up comedy from the last four decades with a practical demonstration

Obtaining future open and paid spots in London and the UK

 Dealing with hecklers and controlling a room


  To enable a student with no prior performance or stand up skills to have a polished short comedy routine to performance standard

To give each student all the writing, material gathering and performance skills to expand their showcase for a career  in stand up comedy

   To allow each student a controlled & supportive arena to experiment with ideas and material and styles and work as a team on ideas for improvements to reach their final polished showcase set




Well reading this far, sort of proves you are! You are about to enter a new world, different from anything you have tried before. They say stand up is number three in the world’s most scary things to try after bungee and parachuting – by the end of the course; you will have no fear of stand up, although you will still experience the adrenalin rush which comes with your first showcase performance to your friends and family. Believe us when we say that your actual showcase final set will seem like two minutes not five once up there! You are going to be doing something very brave and it will amaze your friends. Make no mistakes, Stand up isn’t easy! You will learn something very special about yourself on this course and despite what you might hope; you won’t be given any material. Everything you say on stage and in class will come from you alone. You may have already thought about what you want to say, you will be surprised how different your material will be by the end of the course on subjects you never knew you had an opinion on or interest in. This could be the start of a new career for you or maybe it is just a ‘to try’ in a list of things to have ago at before you die, either way welcome to the exiting world of stand up comedy.

Courses held at our own training centre in New Cross (zone 2) with chill out area, wi fi, free tea and real coffee   The classroom is not shared with other groups but ours to use 24 hours a day and form part of our larger 900 sq ft training centre dedicated to training stand up comics

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