No of WEEKS:  5  (15 classroom hours +  a 1 hour one to one private session)       

The course will cover the writing and performance skills which will allow the student to produce an original five minute stand up routine, to be performed to an invited audience of family, friends and comedy club bookers.

On full completion of the course, each student will have good knowledge and practical experience in:§  Microphone technique§  Four stand up comedy writing and material gathering styles§  Theoretical knowledge of all comedic performance styles and practical application of two contrasting styles§  20/30 minutes of raw self generated comedy material to be honed to a tight five minute performance set§  Each Student will be given ample stage time each week and constructive  group feedback§  Each student will be able to demonstrate practical knowledge of ‘SET UP  PUNCH’ as used by professional comedians§  A theoretical knowledge of stand up comedy from the last four decades with a practical demonstration§  Obtaining future open and paid spots in London and the UK§  Dealing with hecklers and controlling a room§ 

COURSE OBJECTIVE§  To enable a student with no prior performance or stand up skills to have a polished short comedy routine to performance standard

§  To give each student all the writing, material gathering and performance skills to expand their showcase for a career  in stand up comedy§  To allow each student a controlled & supportive arena to experiment with ideas and material and styles and work as a team on ideas for improvements to reach their final polished showcase set


ESSENTIAL EXPENDITURE OR REQUIREMENTS FROM STUDENT§  Writing pad, pen and A4 folder for handouts§  Digital voice recorder (cheapest one we found was for £27 in Argos cat no 670 2223)§  Travel & entry cost to a major comedy club chain venue (£12)§  Travel cost to a free open spot night in central London§  Able to commit to these two visits which are in addition to classroom time (These will be planned around the groups outside commitments at the start of the course)§  Go on private visits to comedy clubs

PRIVATE STUDY REQUIRED The course is based on the student writing and preparing material from writing methods shown in the classroom and then bringing such work to be performed the following week.  A high degree of private practical rehearsal time is required.

TEACHING METHODS Practical demonstrations, group work, case studies, discussion, field trips and AV presentations

SPECIALIST PRACTICAL KNOWLEDGE GAINED BY COURSE COMPLETION Each student will have proven skills in obtaining material via the following methods:§  Regression Training§  Rants§  List§  Contrast & CompareEach student will also undergo basic MC/compare skills in the closing weeks of the course and prepare an additional two minutes of material in a contrasting comedic style from the students adapted stage persona (this does not have to form part of your final set) 

COURSE DATES     See Course Dates