TAFF - ex Para

I did this course and another comedy course at the same time from another comedy course provider - ‘sucker for punishment’. I can truly say that the whole experience was so different as on the other course I never even got near a microphone until the second week and that was a 4 week course which cost 50% more!. On this Greenwich Up The Creek comedy course, the first thing you do is practice microphone technique and I was using the skills I learnt on this course to advise some of the fellow students on the other course I did. A number of students came to watch me from the other course and they wished they had gone on the Greenwich course instead. The biggest draw is how this course teaches performance as much as comedy writing skills which you don’t really consider at the start but is so important in stand up comedy. Of course the chance to play such a major club as ‘Up the Creek’ with so many important bookers there to see us was fantastic draw and selling point for me also! In the first couple of weeks after finishing the course I have over 20 spots booked at comedy clubs including some very established ones.


I did the course back in May 2010, then went on to do the advanced course which involves MC training, I am now running my own comedy club with great success! Highly recommended

LIAM SMITH - Ex Prision Officer who is now a pro comic on the circuit

The London Comedy Course is one of the best things I have ever done. In six weeks I learnt how to write comedy, construct an act and perform on stage in aprofessional way. The course requires you to work hard but with support from an honest frank instructor who sets high standards and you will be amazed at what you can achieve.  All the hard work will be worth it once you perform your five minutes at 'Up The Creek' in fron of 200 people. I have achieved one of my ambitions and now are performing comedy all over London with confidence.

ANDREW YING - English Teacher

I turned up for the first class not knowing what jokes to tell or how really I could ever be funny. Not a massive comedy club goer but seen some comics on ‘You Tube’ etc. Now, after a few weeks, my tutor came up with this great comedy character and I became him on stage and I started to get some good reactions in class and then got real belly laughs on every joke at ‘Up The Creek’. You don’t imaging just how loud all the laughter is until you are up there on the stage with the lights and they drum it into you about the pauses, so you don’t get freaked out by the reactions. I found it really easy to write for my stage persona and you do your set so many times in class that once live at the showcase, it really is second nature. What I learnt most is to perform the joke, not just tell it!

ALAN CHILVERS - University Student 

I have just done a MA in creative writing ,but this is so different I discovered it is one thing writing jokes and another thing telling them. I liked the buddy system on the course where someone who is good at writing material but lacks confidence buddies up with someone who has a good grasp of performance skills and you help each other. What you learn in week one alone puts you about a year into the career of a comic who hasn’t done a course.


The course is fantastic. I had so much fun doing it and learnt so much about myself as well as comedy. Its VFM is priceless. Harry is one of the best teachers I've ever met as well and I know I am not the only student who thinks this. It is one of the most supportive classes I have ever been in.

DAVID WOODS - Now runs the Centre Page Comedy Club in the City

Really enjoyed my time on this course, it was a roller coaster of emotions but that is what comedy is.  It is a six week course run on Monday nights and each session is three hours long with 12 students and a brilliant tutor who is an established comic and really knows his stuff.  Course is a real eye opener and covers everything from stage presence, comic material, creating a persona and is finished off with a showcase at 'Up The Creek'. The best thing about the course is the honesty of the tutor, I stood up on week one and delivered rubbish drival and got told as such in no uncertain terms.  However my work was re-structured into good material. The showcase final is so much fun and went down well.  Since I finished the course, I've done numerous other open spots and people are shocked that I'm so new to comedy as this course really sets you ahead of other new acts. The final thing I will say is that I really miss my Monday nights with the group. So much fun and I looked forward to it every week.


Katherine Webb - THE COMEDY COMPANY 'Each act had a well crafted 5 minutes and their performance skills and stagecraft was faultless. I noted some names to come and play at our comedy clubs for the new season'

Kevin Precious - BARNSTOMERS COMEDY CLUB CHAIN 'The mark has been set high with the first of these new acts and maintained throughout the night'

Mike Fox - BROMLEY & CROYDON COMEDY CLUB  'Just watching how each act handled a mic and conducted themselves on stage - you could see they had all been professionally trained'.

Maff Brown - 'OUTSIDE THE BOX' comedy club and past Chortle comedy club of the year winner 'Excellent'

Paul - Club Booker - UP THE CREEK 'Great night of comedy and each of them performed like a pro - amazing - you wouldn't know this was their first ever gig and how well trained to be able to play a big comedy club like this'