Previous experience – None

Extra work required away from class – Yes, this includes learning your material, writing material and preparation for the next class and also visiting at least once, a new act comedy night and one professional comedy club as a group.

Materials you will need – Digital or audio voice recorder (costing approx £20) a pen and lots of paper! You will be given a course book and learning notes and homework each week – approx 1 to 2 hours home study needed each week.

Class work this will be split into three sections each week – material writing, performance skills and theory and discussion.

What will I have at the end of the course?– Each student will have a tight 5 minute set of their own material from about 20 minutes of subject material which they can take to comedy clubs to try out and build on to enter our industry. Some attend the course  just to  ticked a ‘to do’ box in things they want to achieve in life and wish to take it no further then doing one 5 minute stand up routine! We are easy either way.  Remember - stand up is rated in the top three of the scariest things to have a go at along with parachuting & bungee jumping.  We will take aware that fear!

Can you make a career from just attending this course– Yes! our tutors did the same sort of course 15 years ago and now earns between £500 - £900 per week performing at comedy clubs all over the UK and headlines weekly for the three major comedy chains in the UK which are Jongleurs with 15 clubs, Mirth Control with 44 clubs and The Comedy Club with 55 clubs plus lucrative corporate and TV work (many comics are earning way more than this, into millions in fact!).

So what is the advantage of going on a course over  just doing stand up comedy in clubs? Easy – You make your mistakes in class and find out what is funny or not in class by doing it to the others in the room. Instead of being heckled when it goes wrong as may happen in a comedy club, here you just accept and try it again, maybe restructuring the joke or adding to it for the following week. You also learn how to generate material and performance skills. Everyone who comes onto this course has a good idea what they want to say on stage before they even start, most end up with a completely different 5 minute set to perform at the end. Even now, if considering the course, you have some ideas of the things you want to say in your routine rattling around in your head. Come on the course and let’s show you how you expand those thoughts and bring in new ones to complement them.

I have never done any stand up before or even been on a stage? – Great, this course is for you! 

Who will be at the showcase at the end of the course? It will be open to your friends and family plus some important comedy club bookers and promoters will be there! We get about 150 -200 people attend each showcase

 We are 100 yards from New Cross BR with bus 53, 453 stopping outside  and are  a 5 minute walk. Easy Parking for our eve and weekend courses. 

How can I sign up Send your home postal address to us at  stating that you would like an application form for the beginners course and we will post one to you the same day. Then you simply send a £80 deposit with your completed application form and pay the remaining amount on the first night. You can pay this on line via paypal using a credit or debit card by going to the course dates page on this website. 


WHO ARE WE?  We are part of The London Theatre, an established theatre plus comedy promotor who tour professional plays around the UK as producers including the hit aviation comedy 'Club Class' which has tour over 100 large scale UK theatres in the last 7 years.  We also run a montly 400 seat comedy club and have been selected to produce the summer UK tour of Midsummer Nights Dream for the world famous historic 'Rose Theatre' in London. 

DO YOU DO DISCOUNTS FOR UNEMPLOYED - We don't offer discounts on our main courses as these are always full however we are doing special two day courses in the day during the midweek aimed at the unwaged.   These courses cost £65. We are registered as a training provider and has our course can lead to paid work or a job skill, often part of the fees can be covered for unemployed persons from their local job seekers office.  This depends on the bourough you are based in and worth seeing if the course fee can be covered from job training fees.

COMPUTER SKILLS REQUIRED -  it is prefered that you have basic computer skills for the comedy course.  We can assist with basic computer skills prior to any course at no extra cost.  However you would be advised to purchase at least a second hand PC for about £80 etc which has a cd port.  We can then print your work for you.

CAN MY FRIENDS RECORD ME DOING MY SHOWCASE - yes, providing the camera does not interfere with others seeing the stage clearly.  



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Privicy Policy

We do not store or retain any financial details (credit cards /debit cards) for any client, directly or indirectly paying for any service provided by us. All on line credit and debit card payments are made via the secure PayPal  site and their privicy policy can be viewed by going to . Confirmation of acceptance of your place on the requested course will be forwarded to you via Royal Mail within 3 working days of receipt of the deposit or in exceptional circumstances if within a few days of the start date of  your course, via email .

Please note we do not forward any of your address or name details to third parties for marketing however we may sometimes include information from other brands owned or part owned by us within your application pack or from any requested correspondence from us.  These will be in the form of flyers advertising comedy clubs or theatre performances we are currently running.  Please state when requested information from us if you do not wish to receive this extra information

* The deposit of £100 is not refundable within 14 days on the start of the course. Before this time, a full refund can be requested if the student is unable to undertake the course.   If a student is unable to make any of the dates of the course they are booked on, no refund or part refund of the course fees will be offered within 14 days of the start date.  It is the student’s responsibility to check all dates before committing to a course date.  In certain circumstances at the discretion of the training provider, an alternative date can be offered subject to a admin fee of £10 if within the 14 days of the start date. The deposit in such an instance will not be refunded.   Each student must make provision for any industrial action by tubes/buses or trains or any road works which may prevent or hinder them from attending any or all of the classes.   No refunds will be offered as a result of any industrial action by any third party.   No refund if offered if the student is unable to attend the showcase or does not meet the required standard to perform at the showcase. Minimum age is 18 and no group bookings will be undertaken apart from the taster sessions where the minimum age is 16 and group bookings are allowed. In certain circumstances if the student is unable to attend the actual showcase, the training provider may offer an alternative date which may be at a number of comedy clubs they run.